Live Power

Serving power market traders with real-time sensor based fundamental data.

Trust our science to trade smarter, faster.

Our Technology

Live Power uses a proprietary and patented technology to remotely monitor the electric power grid in the U.S.  Through Yes Energy's power analytics solutions, real-time generation & transmission data is delivered every 60 seconds, providing unparalleled visibility into the supply side of the market equation.

- See trends in online/offline dispatchable capacity: a leading indicator of real-time prices
- See trends in inter-zone transmission flows: a leading indicator of real-time congestion
- See trends in renewable production on the geographic “edges” of the market: a leading indicator of changes in ISO-wide fleet performance
- See sudden plant/line outages: a driver of unexpected scarcity pricing - Provides better inputs to models: results in more accurate forecasts
- Customized and efficient analytics: model-ready data integrated with Yes Energy’s unparalleled power analytics tools and comprehensive ISO data sets 

Regional Market Products