October 9, 2018, Boulder, CO - Last week Genscape filed a second lawsuit against Live Power in an apparent effort to slow Live Power’s success in providing high quality power data to traders in the PJM and ERCOT power markets.  Instead of focusing on marketplace competition, Genscape, a Daily Mail owned company, seems to have chosen a strategy of serial litigation.

Genscape filed its first lawsuit against Live Power one year ago, alleging patent infringement and tortious interference.  After 10 months of litigation, and upon being confronted with Live Power's statements of why there is no patent infringement, Genscape dropped the lawsuit and dismissed its claims instead of actually trying to prove them.

Genscape’s second lawsuit, filed in federal court against Live Power and its CEO Bill Townsend, alleges trade secret theft, breach of confidentiality and other similar counts.  Live Power and Townsend refute the claims in Genscape’s second lawsuit as baseless and point out that Genscape’s new complaint, like its first complaint, is filled with errors and misrepresentations.

The truth is that Live Power’s technology and methods have been evolving since 2008 when its founder Pal Even Gaarder began deploying sensors in Nord Pool based on his research and patented process.  The entry of this technology from Europe into the North American power markets is the first real competitive challenge to Genscape’s market dominance in 17 years.

Live Power and Townsend intend to defend themselves against Genscape’s second round of allegations and are confident that they will prevail in court.  More importantly, however, the lawsuit will not distract Live Power from its primary focus—serving the needs of Live Power’s customers. Live Power will continue to offer great support, to innovate, and to provide a better, faster, and more comprehensive product to the power market.