Bath County is the largest pumped storage hydro plant in North America with nearly 3 GW of generating capacity. As a giant battery in the PJM market, its sudden generation can act as dampener on real-time prices. This makes it a closely watched fundamental for all PJM cash traders.

At LIVE POWER, it is the most watched piece of data that we produce every 60 seconds. Recently, we had a sensor failure due to a problem with our cellular reception.  We learned very quickly how important this data set was too our customers. So, we doubled our coverage of this facility.

To address reliability, we placed double the amount of sensors to have 100% redundancy at each site. Then we also added a second cellular carrier at each site to have 100% redundancy on data communications. 

To address accuracy, we conducted site surveys at each sensor location and created a 3D model of the geometry between the conductors and our sensors. This allows us to create a very accurate model of the magnetic field and our sensor. We can now calibrate each line to this model as well. This provides a 3 method of validation of our estimates. It also makes our estimates more stable in the event that one line goes on outage.