In the course of deploying our magnetic field sensors to monitor two power plants in South Texas, we figured out that we were also monitoring local loads.  This opens the door to a greater level of resolution on real-time load data than currently available.

We deployed sensors on many of the 138 kV lines connected to the Hidalgo substation and compared them with 60 day delayed ERCOT state estimator data. We discovered two things. 

First our measurement was highly accurate prior to even using any of the state estimator data to improve it. Second, all of the 138 kV lines had identical load shapes. We concluded that they are all serving the same local loads in the area. 

Our next question was how different is this load shape from the zonal load data already provided from ERCOT. Because the zones are so large we hoped that a more local breakdown of load would be meaningful and provide some insight into LMP spreads. The load shape shows that this area has a diurnal load shape that is offsetting the zonal load during some peak hours.

We are now discussing how we use this load monitoring capability to improve your virtual, bal-day or FTR trading.  If you have ideas then get in touch us at